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Want to promote Any , Use wristbands !! Our wristbands has played a major role in social promotions, as our clients promote their Brands, Messages ,logos etc in an easy manner for conveying, which engage more people with less cost and less afford. This way of relating to human society or any of its subdivisions is very helpful towards our clients.

Birthday Parties

Show it with Wristbands!! As simple as saying HI…….. Use wristbands for conveying the details on Birthdays and also can be used as Return Gifts.


Be it for a Conference, Hackathon, Marathon, Cyclathon or any other event, promote your brand amongst your target audience with our stylish, skin-friendly, non-toxic silicon wristbands available in a wide range of bright colors and classy designs.

Parties & Functions

Say it Loud !! Every Functions and Parties has some messages. This customization of wristbands says the messages without any noise, only by just wearing a wrist band.


Rock the show with LED Bands!!! A Performance which is live to audience, To live in the performance use LED bands/ led sound activated to match with the performers