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1.Where is your company located?
We are located in Ormond, Australia.
2.Can I get a quotation?
The best way to get a quote is by going to the order now page and follow the steps. Before placing the order we get the quote instantly. Or you can simply email us at, or, we will get back within 24 hrs to you.
3.What are your wristbands made of?
Our wristbands are made of 100% pure silicone which is non-toxic and non-allergic in nature. We are not using any kind of rubber material.
4.What is your minimum order quantity for wristbands?
The minimum Quantity for wristbands is 20.
5.What's the turnaround time?
Standard turnaround is 7 to 12 working days with shipping, but we have rush shipping option is also there which you receive the products as fast as in 2 business days.
6.What is "front message", "back message" and "internal message"?
Front and back message are on the same side of the wristband but half and half on the bracelet. The internal message is the inside of the band.
7.What is "continuous message"?
Continuous Message is on the front side of the bracelet which is printed with continuity.
8.What are sizes available with you?
Adult 8" --- 202mm - Used mostly for adults. Mid 7.5" --- 192mm - Used mostly for young adults. Youth 7" --- 180mm - Used mostly for teenagers. Toddle 6" --- 152mm - Used mostly for children.
9.What's the mold fee?
We don't charge a mold fee until and unless you have multiple orders of different sizes. We charge a mold fee only when you have different sizes mentioned in your order. For the first size which you opt is completely free, the next on wards we charge $30/mold.
10.Can I place my order online?
Yes you can place order online, over the call and also via Chat and Email.
11.I need to make changes to the order that I placed.
Once the order is placed we can make the changes as long as your order is not into production. Mail us or Call us for any changes within 6 hours of order placed.
12.How do I trust your company?
We are into this business from past 5 years with many satisfied customers and also we do use PayPal for payments, as it is more secure and also if they find any issue while transactions they do the refunds since they believe in 100% customer satisfaction.
13.Is your bracelets available within Australia?
No, we ship wristbands worldwide.
14.Do you produce any other items with Silicone?
Yes, we can prepare any item with silicone like wristbands, led watches, led mugs etc. Please do send your order request to us via e-mail, or enquiry form provides in website we will be contacting you soon.
15.Do you deal with Tyvek and vinyl wristbands?
Yes, we also deal with tyvek and vinyl wristbands which are water resistant and durable.
16.How do I confirm that your website is secure?
We are SSL certified by GODADDY web hosters. You can check the GODADDY verified logo at the bottom of the page.
1.What is meant by debossed bracelet/wristband?
These wristbands have the text imprinted/carved on the bracelet. These design only require yours selection of color and the message on it. Completely non-toxic and long-lasting. Key Point: The color of your preferred message and the color of the logo will be same as the color of the band.
2.What is meant by color-filled bracelet/wristband?
These silicone wristbands have the texts carved into the bracelet with the texts of different colors. These differed colors used in desining are to make your personalized message to look bold. We have more than 1800 colors to focus on your messages to increase the visibility
3.What is meant by embossed bracelet/wristband?
These wristbands have the text punched/popped on it. These design only require yours selection of color and the message on it. Also these silicone bracelets can be customized as you require. Key Point: The color of your preferred message and the color of the logo will be same as the color of the band.
4.What is meant by printed bracelet/wristband?
This wristband has the texts or logos printed on the surface of your personalized bands
5.What is meant by embossed color-filled bracelet/wristband?
These silicone bands have the texts punched on the bracelet with the text of different colors. These variance colors used in designing is to make your personalized message to look bold and highlight on it. We have more than 1800 colors to focus on your customized bands.
6.What is meant by Segmented Bands/Bracelets?
These bands let you mix and match colors of your choice to look more stylish.
7.What is meant by Swirl Bands/Bracelets?
These bands let you mix colors of your choice in depth of fashion. And also called as multi colored bracelets.
8.What is meant by Glow in the dark Bands/Bracelets?
These bands will shine in dark. Can be customized in any manner but these bands has a green tint on this for the shining effect.
1.Can I put a logo or emblem on my bands?
you can put a logo of your choice or else can select from our standard clipart provided on our site.
2.Why the color of actual products is not exact same as the proof I approve?
It would be approximate because every computer is different; we actually use PMS colors for mixing.
3.Can I use other font, not the default in your font list?
Yes, of course we have other font styles also, you can select as per your wish from that list. If you still not happy with the fonts shown you can provide the desired font name in “Special Instructions” box.
4.How many characters fit on a band?
Yes, we do have a limit of 44 characters. Once it exceed the limit you will be getting a warning message.
1.What is digital proof?
Digital proof is proof which we send once we receive your order and we will be sending a picture of your bracelet to you by an email, which will show up the style and the logos that you have selected in the order system. Once, we get the confirmation from your side, we will begin the production.
2.Can I preview before I purchase?
Yes, you can have a preview of the bracelet in our order system but, it is just or temporary purpose.
3.Will I be charged extra if want to change the proof before confirming the order?
No, there is no extra charges applied, you can make change as many as you want till you confirm the proof. Once, the proof is confirmed we will be start doing the production.
4.I received my proof and I want to make a change. How can I proceed further?
You just have to reply back to the email that you received and let us know the change you would like to reflect and we will revise the proof and send you a new proof.
5.How long does it take to get a digital proof?
To receive a digital proof it actually takes 4 – 6 hours.
6.How can I confirm to the proof I received?
You just have to simply reply the mail sent for proof layout, stating confirmation of the proof. Then we will be going further for production.
7.How much is it?
It is absolutely free. And every time you make an order, Digital proofs will be sending to you by our team. Just answer the e-mail stating that you confirm the evidence, then we start the production.
1.What are the payments Methods available with you?
You can pay us with PayPal by using various credit/debit cards. It's secure and fast, the one who is making the payment need not to register on PayPal to make your payment.
2.Do you charge sales tax?
No, we do not charge any sales tax.
3.Can I pay by check?
Yes, we do accept cheque and Bank transfer is available.
1.Do you offer any discounts for large orders?
We do not g discounts as we give the lowest price in the market and can assure that no one can be able to give at these prices. Any way now we are giving 100 wristbands free for every order.
2.Can I get some discount for reorder since you have molds?
Yes, we will store the molds with us up to 6 months. In case of reorder we give discount of 15$ on the total order.
3.Will I get 100 free wristbands exactly same as my order?
Yes, you will get the 100 free bands exactly as your order.
4.Can I get the 100 free in a specific size?
Yes you can. For example if you order 100 adult and 100 youth/toddler and if you wish to get 100 free in all adults then simply write in the special instructions.
1.What if I need to cancel my order?
We can cancel your order if your order is not in production, if the production has already started then we cannot cancel the order due to the mold and other material charges which we have already incurred.$10 cancellation fee will be applied if order is not in production.
2.What should I do if I made a payment twice by mistake?
In this case contact our sales team, they will assist you.
3.What happens if there is a mistake with my order?
In case of any production error we will reprocess your order ASAP.
1.What are the freight charges?
The freight will be provided at the end of ordering process. The shipping cost varies depends on the quantity.
2.How long before I receive my bracelet?
Once you place the order you have different options for selecting the delivery options. By default we will take 12 days for free delivery.
3.How accurate is your delivery date?
98% of our products are delivered to our customers on the date specified by them.
1.Will I get a tracking number once my order is shipped?
Yes, once your order is shipped, you will be receiving an e-mail with the tracking number which is associated with your order.